How to Place Hyperlinks in Posts, Stories, and Profile Header

How to Add a Link in Posts and Comments

To add a site’s active link to a post, you need to publish an image with a caption or description. Write a call to action before the site address and don't forget to use the @ icon in the comments. To create a hyperlink, you can use Soc•Link.

How to Add an Active Link in the Profile Header
Instagram is a popular platform for business development and the promotion of products or services. A brand’s lack of presence on Instagram can affect earnings, customer coverage, and traffic. Nowadays, an Instagram account is a must. Take note, however, that there is a limit on the number of characters for the account description. It’s important that the information is brief, concise, clear, and at the same time useful and interesting.

To make the link on the profile header active, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Log in with the username and password.
  3. Select Edit Profile.
  4. Copy the url you wish to insert.
  5. Go back to your Instagram page. Go to Settings, click and hold Site.
  6. Click Insert and enter the hyperlink.
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Check the activity of the link.

The active link will direct the potential client to the desired platform in offline mode.

How to Add a Link to a Story

Story is a function where you can upload photos and short videos for your subscribers. To add an active link to an Instagram Story, do the following steps:
1. Open your Instagram profile and find the Story section.
2. Upload your chosen material.
3. Click on the chain icon in the upper corner.
4. Enter the link on the open line.
5. Save the changes and publish them.

Important! Only accounts with more than ten thousand subscribers can set a hyperlink.
To create a free multimedia link on Instagram, use Soc•Link. It’s quick and easy.