What is Multi-Link in Instagram and Why is it Necessary

What is multicommunication and why is it used? It is a virtual business card with information about you and your services. With Soc•Link, this can be done quickly and for free.

What is a multilink?

A lot of people have heard of multilink, but don’t know much about it. At its core, a multi-link is an online business card that contains links to your other social networks and important information about you and your services or business. 

Why do I need a multi-link on Instagram?

Nowadays, the number of social networks is staggering and there’s a wealth of information on pages upon pages. For businesses and social media personalities, it is necessary to interact with the audience on as many platforms as possible. This makes it easy for everyone to quickly find your information and contact you, if necessary.

However, Instagram limits the number of links that can be added to only one and this is often not enough. With the help of multi-communication, you can easily add a link to as many social network accounts as you like.

People will go to your page and find out what you do and what services you provide. They will be able to find your contact information with just one click.

Free service for creating multiple links Soc•Link

Although there is a large number of platforms for creating multi-links on Instagram, most of them are paid. Soc•Link provides the same services but for FREE.

Advantages of contacting us

- No payment required!

It is not always possible or necessary to spend money on multi-link communication and most of the time, there is no need for the extra and complicated features offered by paid services.

Your best option is to create an account on socprofile for FREE.

- Easy registration

Just a few seconds and your business card is ready! Our intuitive design makes the registration process seamless and fast.

- Design

Upload your own video or article or set a custom background. Put in as much or as little information as you require.

- No ads

No troublesome pop-ups and incomprehensible ads. Just you and your business card!