Why Does Instagram Permanently Ban and Block Account That Use OnlyFans?

Why might Instagram block a link in the profile header?

Recently, Instagram users were faced with the problem of links placed in the profile header being blocked. In addition, some users lost the ability to like photos, leave comments and follow other users.

Tips to avoid this:

What links can be placed in the profile header?

Instagram blocks links to sites containing dubious or unauthorized information (e.g. extremism and terrorism, and sites with 18+ materials such as OnlyFans, PornHub, etc.). However, there are times when Instagram blocks links to sites that contain neither extremism, terrorism, or pornography.

What you CAN post on Instagram:

  • Your website (portfolio site or site with your product and services)
  • Multi-link to your social networks ( multi-link service for instagram )
  • Sites with a competition, raffle, or sale
  • Links to blog
  • Videos

What you CAN’T post on Instagram:

  • Link to your Snapchat and Telegram accounts
  • Site with inappropriate content for children under 16
  • A web page that is accessible from multiple addresses at once (URL redirection / multiple redirect)
  • Links to a site that is posted on multiple Instagram accounts at the same time
  • Sites with hidden pages and content

A link to a site that is not indexed by search engines (registered recently) or has a bad reputation may also be blocked.

How to unblock links on Instagram?

If your Instagram account has been blocked due a link, you must delete the link and leave the field empty. If the link is posted on various Instagram accounts at the same time, you can shorten the link through one of the many link shortening service and change the domain name of the site. You can use the standard link generated by the service, or change the URL and add a word closely related to the name of your site.

But the easiest solution is to place all your links on the Soc•Link service, and insert the link received on the Soc•Link service into your Instagram account.

Although, the shortening of links for Instagram is not a 100% guarantee, it is an additional opportunity to prevent your account from being blocked. It is important to understand that if a site contains inappropriate or prohibited content, then shortening the link will not help.

I offer services for adults 18+. Can I link on Instagram to OnlyFans, PornHub, etc?

At the moment, Instagram does not prohibit the addition of links to porn sites, but it is only a matter of time before this happens. If you want Instagram not to block the link to your site, use the Soc•Link service and generate a unique link that leads to all your social networks and add it to Instagram. In the settings make sure you choose "Content 18+ '' and when you open your Soc•Link, users will see a warning, while Instagram and any other social networks will never have claims to your resource.